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Post Ghost Media is Evan Churchill; a film editor, VFX editor, and glitch artist based in Toronto, Canada.

Evan studied radio and television arts at Toronto Metropolitan University. Together with a handful of other students, he formed Wreckoning Productions, contributing editing, VFX, and colour grading services. The team would go onto produce numerous short films and participate in the 48-Hour Film Project, twice.

When joining Cineplex Entertainment's post-production team, Evan contributed numerous junket interviews to preshow screenings at theatres across the country, often focusing on horror and genre entertainment. 

Evan has since made it a habit to work on horror and science fiction projects; Deafening Darkness, an elevated body horror circling Toronto's deaf poets community. Welcome To Murderland, a crowdsourced apocalyptic wasteland piece, where a masked marauder hunts the last of an unfortunate scouting party. And for the past two years, Evan has been working with Playfight VFX as VFX Editor on their Netflix hit film; Code 8ii, the sequel to Playfight's 2018 superpowered crime thriller. Other projects with Playfight include: Davey and Jonesie's Locker (Amazon Prime), Overlord and The Underwoods (CBC Gem), and Billy The Kid (MGM+)

Four years ago, Evan began his experiment with glitch art. He approached fellow Wreckoning member Thomas Pardo, to join him in working on a series of "haunted tapes" called Analog Hallway. The two filmed the found footage films bit by bit, as Evan became fixated on the corroded VHS imagery, 

manipulating the visual degradation with various analog methods; running magnets across the tape, warping them with heat and cold, writing words directly onto the reels, and playing tape-to-tape-to-tape-to-tape to cause generational degradations to the image.

B E H O L D E R is a recut short film version of the Analog Hallway series. It is currently screening in festivals including: Shock Stock Canada, The Unseen Footage Festival, and Toronto Indie Horror Fest. A feature film version is in pre-production.

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